FreeNas Plugins, Plex & More

FreeNAS allows you to do more than just serve files and act as a storage device attached to your network! There is a selection of FreeNAS plugins available that allow you do everything from backup your freenas data to utilize Plex and watch your TV shows and movies on many devices.  Here we’ll talk about some of the popular plugins, and what they can do for you!

Plex Plugin for FreeNAS
Plex Media Server which can run on your FreeNAS server as a plugin is a media playback system that allows you to stream media to many plex player applications on a variety of devices from TVs to Phones.

There are a number of tutorials to install Plex Media Server Jail on FreeNas server.  Here are some of those resources.

Backup Plugins
There are a number of desktop cloud based backup services many of which are free and can be integrated into your FreeNAS system.

CrashPlan Offers free local backup, and unlimited cloud backup with different price options. Crashplan is proud of their offerings “Public, private or hybrid cloud—you keep the encryption keys.”.



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