Reset Supermicro IPMI Password

Download: IPMICFG

1- Use RuFus to create a DOS Boot USB drive (FreeDOS is the option in RuFus)

2- Extract IPICFG utility to USB drive into directory /ipmicfg/ (for easy access)

3- Boot the system with the USB thumb drive plugged into it (you should go into FreeDOS not EFI Shell)

4- cd ipmicfg (directory we made earlier)

5- cd dos (to go into the dos config directory)

6- The first things I like to do are to note the IPMI IP
Command: ipmicfg -m

7- Next up I like to see all existing users for IPMI.
Command: ipmicfg -user list

8- If this is a used system and you’re not sure what options/configs are/were changed then the best thing to do is to return to factory defaults.
Command: ipmicfg -fd
Note: While the above command usually occurs fast do not issue more commands while waiting if there is a delay.

9- After setting to -fd (Factory Defaults) the default password for supermicro IPMI will be configured.
If you’ve forgotten the default username and password for IPMI are: ADMIN / ADMIN


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